Business Valuation Challenge 2024 – Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) outline the rules and regulations governing the Business Valuation Challenge 2024 (“Challenge”) organized by CBV Institute. By participating in this Challenge, participants agree to comply with these Terms. It is important that you carefully read and understand these Terms before entering the Challenge.

1. Eligibility:

  1. The Challenge is open to individuals and teams aged 18 years and above, regardless of nationality or location.
  2. Employees, contractors, and immediate family members of the Organizer are not eligible to participate.

2. Registration:

  1. Participants must complete the official registration form provided by the Organizer to participate in the Challenge.
  2. All registration information must be accurate and complete. False or misleading information may result in disqualification.

3. Challenge Overview:

  1. The Challenge is a business valuation competition where participants will be required to analyze and value a provided business case or scenario.
  2. Participants will receive access to the challenge materials, including relevant data and information, on the designated date.

4. Submission Guidelines:

  1. Participants must submit their completed business valuation reports by the specified submission deadline.
  2. Submissions must be original and created solely by the participant(s). Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  3. Submissions should be in English and follow any formatting guidelines provided by the Organizer.

5. Judging Criteria:

  1. Submissions will be evaluated based on the accuracy, depth, and clarity of the business valuation analysis.
  2. Judges will also consider the creativity and innovativeness of the valuation approach.

6. Prizes:

  1. The Organizer will award prizes to the top-performing participants or teams, as determined by the judging panel.
  2. The prize details, including types and values, will be communicated to the winners following the conclusion of the Challenge.

By participating in the Business Valuation Challenge 2024, participants agree to abide by these Terms and any decisions made by the Organizer. If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not participate in the Challenge. For any inquiries or concerns, please contact